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June 2015- Abridged versionthe prompt

From the Chair

I have to say that I dIdn't really know what to expect from Georges Marvellous Medicine, but what I should have expected was an excellent show and that is exactly what we got. Alex Jones pulled it off as "George" in a big way. It was a huge part to learn, but he got it down pat. Chris Breach made a very unlovable Granny, with Jo and Bruce being the equally bewildered and excited parents, but it is possible that Pam Furnish stole the show as the giant Chicken!   Well done cast and crew!!!

We don't stop. June is prep time check out events for the Children's Christmas show and for our next production, Enemy of the People further down the page!

Hoping that the summer is finally here! - Esther

Esther O’Bearagh


George’s Marvellous Medicine

Now the show is over, the get-out was achieved in good time and so George is finally put to bed, all tucked up and kissed goodnight. It was a great show; the audiences obviously enjoyed it and I think we all had fun too, rehearsing and putting it on. Such energy and such enthusiasm; sweat was dripped and weight was lost; even the director has lost 3 kg and Alex is a shadow of his former self. To cast and crew, thank you for putting in all the hard work that was so necessary in pulling this off.

Audience numbers seemed to pick up at the last moment, which was encouraging. The list of the takings from Joyce suggests that our total numbers were close to the 300 mark, which after an opening night of 26 was quite a relief. All the bills are not yet in but we are much closer to the breakeven point than earlier expectations suggested.

This has been a joy to direct. Everybody contributed more than was asked of them; no prima donnas and no tantrums. Well done everybody, we could not have done it without you all. Stars you all are, both on and off the boards.So … now, what's next … ??



Here are just a few pix:

Karnon Kidz Corner


May I take this opportunity of congratulating the Karnon Kidz Choir who sang so very beautifully at the wedding of Sam and Samantha on Sunday 24th May.

It was lovely to see Matt Horwell back with them for this special occasion and singing a duet with Megan and the choir.




That’s it for June..

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