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February 2015 the prompt

From the Chair

It's Panto season again and we are back home at Perranwell Village Hall. This one is a wee bit different with a whole host of pantomime characters battling with the evil Reality to try to get their happy ending back! Now as you may know, I'm not the biggest panto fan, so I may not be cheering for the right side, but I will be there cheering because it is a great show. Hope to see lots so you there!

The AGM is looming on the horizon as well, we'll be telling you a lot more about it in the March edition, but I'd like to drop a couple of thoughts into your minds.

  1. Committee membership. We really need new people, or returning old friends on the committee. It is not a huge commitment, one evening a month, but the less people we have, the more the reminder have to do. Please do give it some thought - we're a fun bunch, and remember no committee no CDDG!
  2. Annual achievement awards... time to look back and think about who has stood out for you this year, and give them a little praise, more on this below.

Happy February!!!



PANTOMIME: Is this a big But or a little But?

Diary of ED & AD-UP Entry dated: February 2015

By the time its curtains up on opening night, myself and Joyce will have been living and breathing “Up” for over twelve months. As “The End” looms ever closer it’s easy to forget the small details of every rehearsal and stage work, those magical moments when you realise as directors that you are amongst an amazingly talented and occasionally bonkers group of people.

When we get this close to opening night our focus is always on the amount of work still to do, we rarely look back to see how far along the path we have come. One of the benefits of writing this diary is that it gives me a chance to look back and remember the good times, those special moments that might otherwise be filed and forgotten.

My eternal gripe at being involved in a CDDG show is that my weekends are destroyed. The rehearsal schedule is intense and doesn’t allow much room for manoeuvre and as a director you are understandably expected to be at every rehearsal, that’s Friday nights, Sunday afternoons and at least four Saturdays filled. The flip side and it’s a fab flip side is that I get to spend my Friday nights, Sunday afternoons and occasional Saturdays surrounded by “friends” that I might otherwise never see. It is our love of all things sparkly that brings us together, indeed it might be the only thing we have in common but it unites us in a very special friendship that I hold dear. As the curtain closes on finale night I will shed a tear as I say goodbye to the cast and crew but for now, as opening night looms ever closer we are all working hard. True to fashion, rehearsals are becoming a tad more stressful as with scripts down, everyone is delving into their memory banks to recall where they should stand, what they should do, what they should say and very importantly how they should say it.
It was an innocent, perfectly valid question asked by Alex but one that brought the rehearsal to a complete full stop. A total power failure plunging us into darkness could not have done it any better.

“Is this a big but or a little but?” He asked in all seriousness. A vision of Jennifer Saunders in Absolutely Fabulous floated into my head, I was not alone. A ripple of laughter travelled across the room. No response from the director was forthcoming; my lips were held tightly together as I tried not to grin. Alex looked to his fellow cast members for help but it was all too much for them. Sam, her composure already dinted by a previous “brasso” moment collapsed in to free flowing laughter or “corpsing” as we call it in the trade and that was that. Laughter is good for the soul, it makes us feel alive and laughter when shared amongst friends makes the hard work and exhaustion of directing worthwhile. We wiped the tears from our eyes, had a restorative cup of tea and agreed that it was perhaps just a “but”.

And so my friends, in this my last edition of “Once Upon A Time” I wish you all a” Happily Ever After“
We are without doubt a talented group and if panto is your thing then buy your ticket now; don’t be disappointed. And if panto isn’t your thing then perhaps you should buy a ticket anyway; you might enjoy yourself and what better way is there to spend a cold February evening than amongst friends, laughing?


Full details for this will be included in the March issue of The Prompt.

OUR ANNUAL AWARDS: To be presented at the AGM

  • The Mike Hewitt Trophy for an adult member is presented annually to an individual who has been deemed to have given the most to the Carnon Downs Drama Group / Karnon Kidz (the person the group could not have done without) over the last 12 months i.e. {but not exclusively} time, effort and 'can do' attitude
  • The Wilhelmina Groom Trophy is presented annually to the young person in whom the Committee feel that there has been the most development in their time with the Carnon Downs Drama Group / Karnon Kidz
  • Carnon Downs Drama Group’s The Turner Prize for Artistic Merit, for an adult actor (18 years plus) whose performance during the previous year was outstanding.

Please start thinking about who you would like to nominate for these awards and then send in their names and your reasons for your nomination to: Kath Archer e mail

I will send out the cast and crew names for 2 of our major performances, plus The One Act Play Festival entries, during the past year, separately, so look out for the e mail. I am still awaiting list for The Snow Queen, but will send this as soon as I receive it.


Cast list:


Alex Jones




Jo Skeplorn


Chris Breach

Giant Chicken

Pam Furnish


The first rehearsal is on Friday 27 February at 7:00 p.m. at Pulla Cross.

Ann Lejeune Editor.

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