Past Production

Dracula Goes On Holiday
by Joyce Bassett

26-28 January 2017

By Jeeves Poster



Dracula lives in his castle on the outskirts of a Cornish village.

He is a vampire but unlike other vampires you may have heard about, our Dracula is not a baddie.

He spends his days indoors dreaming of bathing in sunshine and other such niceties of life that “normal” people can have.


Jack, Dracula’s nephew is a regular visitor to the castle and on hearing that there is a cruise ship leaving the village harbour, decides that he and Dracula need to stow away on board and have a well-deserved holiday. 


Not all goes to plan. There is a baddie in the village, but who is it?

The orphanage is under threat of closure and Mama Dear is in a panic.


Can Dracula rescue the day? 



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